Monthly packages that don't take the mickey.

Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) is a mobile, agile company. We do not rent expensive London offices. We are a team of multi-skilled employees, which means we do not employ expensive receptionists, HR managers or Finance Directors. Our business cards will be the cheapest we can find, as will our train tickets.

Our overheads are therefore low, and you can rest assured that every penny you spend with us will be spent on what you need.

We're the kind of firm that rounds down, not up. If you call us to do a two minute job you can sleep easy knowing it won't turn up on a monthly invoice. We're in this for the long haul - but more importantly, we strongly believe in doing the right thing. 

We are therefore competitively priced in order to achieve our growth ambitions and best service our clients. None of our packages have minimum contracts, so it's easy in, easy out. See box below for services supplied at each level.

Our promise to you is that if you go below 90% usage, we'll refund the difference. 

If you repeatedly go above 110%, we'll let you know - which we hope you agree is more than fair. 

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