Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our services are based around three aspects: web development, content and marketing. Here at MMA our specialists act as account managers, ensuring a clear understanding of tasks and objectives.
Thomas Bridge, Founder

Returning to his Oxford roots, Tom has had a very successful and established career in recruitment marketing. Throughout his time in marketing he has been consistently disappointed with the majority of agencies he has used, from being invoiced for hosting that wasn't happening to being charged large sums from SEO companies who did very limited work.

With this in mind and a wealth of experience under his belt, Tom decided to start his own marketing agency - and it seems to be paying off!

Away from the office (which rarely happens), Tom is a devoted Liverpool fan, avid film watcher and a music enthusiast.
Chelsea Battle, Head of eMarketing

Chelsea graduated from Bournemouth University with a 2:1 in Marketing. She has worked in a number of industries including travel, education, property and the not-for-profit sector. With a range of experience under her belt she is excited to transfer these skills to a marketing agency. 

At MMA, Chelsea handles all things marketing such as social media, email campaigns, newsletters and much more. Away from the office, she lives with a group of friends and can be found watching a film or spending time on the cultural filled Cowley Road. She has a keen interest in traveling and socialising - which has lead her to be the social secretary at MMA. 

Eduard Chilcos, Head of PPC

Having studied Business Administration at the University of Transilvania, Eduard has spent the past few years working for Ipsos MORI and InnerTrends, a tech startup in Romania. In search of a new adventure, he decided to move to the UK in December 2016.

Ed ensures that all content written by MMA is of the highest standard. He provides companies with materials such as whitepapers, blogs and reports.

With a strong interest in health & fitness, history, and hip-hop, Ed likes to spend most of his spare time trying to figure out how he would be able to leave a lasting, positive impact upon the world.

Tom Pegler, Senior Web Developer

Tom was born in Cornwall but grew up locally in Oxford where he studied photography, film and English. Before he joined MMA, Tom worked as a consultant on a number of website projects. His proudest achievements pre-MMA include creating a bespoke website from scratch for a personal trainer. 

At MMA, Tom helps maintain, improve, design and build websites for our partners. His main role is in the physical structure and improvement of sites but secondarily improves SEO scores through better use of tags and user experience.

Outside of work Tom is a massive bookworm! He has a target of reading over 100 books a year but so far has managed about 14 - a little behind schedule. Besides that he enjoys photography, 3d modelling (!) and spends a lot of time learning new forms of programming so he can finally make use of his Raspberry Pi!

Rhiannon Davies, Head of Social Media

Rhiannon was born and grew up in ‘sunny’ Weymouth, Dorset. She decided to switch seaside life for the city, where she began her University studies. Rhiannon studied Fashion Management at Nottingham Trent University, after graduating she decided to further her studies by taking on a Masters in Branding and Advertising. 

Rhiannon’s role at MMA involves all things related to marketing, with a specialism in social media. She manages social media accounts for a number of clients. This involves planning, posting and reporting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. She also works on projects in other areas of marketing to support the team. 

Outside of work Rhiannon is very fitness oriented regularly seen in the gym or at the swimming pool. She still has a keen interest for fashion and is often found with a glass of wine in hand on a Friday night!
Phil Nyatanga, Head of SEO

Phil has recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a 2:1 in Business and Marketing management. Phil will assist with all client needs and offer a fresh perspective and new solutions to problems, putting the theoretical side of marketing into practice. 
After spending 12 months client-side as a marketing support executive at Microsoft, the thrilling and diverse nature of agency work at MMA is what prompted the change and enticed him the most. 

At MMA, he is the go-to guy for all things SEO and has a new found love for Google Plus.
Outside of work, sports (Football and F1) are amongst Phil’s other passions, whether it’s playing, watching or just keeping active. 

You may often see him sporting durag and some fabulous shoes!

Jantima Merola, Head of Content

Jantima has recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University, with an upper second class honors in English literature. She loves to put her writing skills to practice when creating content for our clients. 

Ethics are important to Jantima and she aims to do something meaningful in life. She has previously worked for the NHS and ethical brands such as Lush. MMA has chosen her to be CSR lead due to her interest in charitable causes. 

Out of the office, Jantima is passionate about cooking and runs her own vegan food Instagram page - follow her here. 

Enrikas Kvietinskas, Junior Web Developer

Enrikas originates from Lithuania but moved to the UK at the age of eight, spending his teen years growing up in the mighty Bedford. Going on to study Computing as a degree at Northampton University.

Rik enjoys the logical thinking aspect of computing and programming as well as the satisfaction of when a project is finally working and fully functional. He will aid Tom Pegler in the web development team. 

Outside of work, Rik enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym, swimming and playing basketball. He’s also a big fan of films and reading whenever he gets the chance to.

Olivia Unsworth, Digital Mktg Assistant

Olivia grew up in Greater Manchester  and went to college in Swindon where she studied business, psychology and English literature and language, before realising she wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing. In the pursuit of escaping Swindon, Olivia found her way to the MMA office. 

At MMA, Olivia is the youngest of the team and the newest member of the Special Ops team.

Outside of work, Olivia has a very keen interest in fashion and travel which prompted her to start writing her own blog. Unlike the rest of the MMA team, Olivia will not be found in the gym. She is more likely to be found in a local bar with an absolute passion to hand. 
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